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 Abhijit Rao


Personal Details

Date of Birth: 22-08-1979

Postal Address: ‘Vasundara’, Jyotinagar, Parkala. Karnataka-576123
Email address: <>
Tel. no: 091-08252-544049

Academic Details

College: Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Karnataka

University: Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering)

Year: Fourth (Senior Level)


Academic Grades

Yr. Of passing



























First Class






























J.C. College of Science





First Class


St. Xavier’s School







Research Details

Areas of Interest

Information Retrieval, Web Mining, User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction, Knowledge Management

Research Projects

  • Student Member, Knowledge Management Project

The department of Computer Science and Engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology is involved in developing a department-level knowledge repository.  The project task includes Information Management, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Database Management, Client Server Technology and User Interface designing. I am presently working on design of Knowledge System architecture and framework.

Project Guide: Prof. Dr. Subba Reddy (HOD)

  • IntraSearch-Search Engine for an Intranet Environment

Final year project which involves development of a search engine that functions in an Intranet Environment. In a team of four, am assigned the task of Analysis and Design of an efficient Searching and Retrieving algorithm. This search engine also determines some important  parameters like document relevance factor, user accessibility factor and includes features like personalization and user customization.

Project Guide: Ms. Anuradha Somayaji

Team members: Raghuvendra Balgi, Narmada Balgi, Pooja Malhotra.

  • ANÄNTH- Research Portal functioning on Digital Gestures

This design won a consolation prize during the highly competitive national-level technical festival  Showcase 2001, organized by Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, 1&2 September 2001.  

Project Design

Submitted a design on the topic of 'Design of a new Paradigm to encounter the global crisis of Data Privacy over the Internet' for the 32nd All India Student’s Design Competition organized by National Design and Research Forum, Institute of Engineers (India), May2001.

Publication Details

International Paper Publications

  1. Rao Abhijit, Process of Knowledge Building in Educational Departments, Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, September 2002(to be published).

  2. Rao Abhijit, ANANTH: Quest for Colossal Knowledge Internet Research Portal functioning on Digital Gestures, ASSOCIATION of MANAGEMENT (AoM) CONFERENCE 2002, to be held in Quebec, Canada, July 31 - August 03, 2002.

  3. Rao Abhijit, Digital Behavior: Looking for a Bright and Intelligent Internet future, International Applied Business Research Conference 2002, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, March 14 - 19, 2002.

  4. Rao Abhijit, Innovative multi-layered conceptual model used for Customer Behavior Analysis in E-Business environment, Annual WebDev Share Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington USA. Oct 2001.

  5. Rao Abhijit, Novel adaptive learning approach in Higher Education using Data Mining techniques, Quality Innovation Knowledge Conference, Malaysia, Feb 2002.

  6. Rao Abhijit, Prospects of Customer Behavior Analysis in Passfaces-an identity verification technique, International Business and Economic Research Conference (IBERC), Nevada, USA, Oct 2001.

  7. Rao Abhijit, Recognition of Conative and Affective behavior in Web Learning using Digital Gestures, 2001 World Congress in Mass Personalization and Customization, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Oct 2001.

International Poster Presentations 

  1. Rao Abhijit, Recognition of Conative and Affective behavior in Web Learning using digital gestures, Web Based Learning Conference, New Brunswick, Canada, Oct 2001.

  2. Rao Abhijit, Realization of Déjà Vu: a User Authentication system using High Performance Real-Time Digital Libraries,  8th International Conference on High Performance Computing, Hyderabad, December 2001.

National-level Paper Presentation

Rao Abhijit, Resourceful Attendance Management System for Knowledge Management in Professional Institutes, IEEE Intellect National Level Paper presentation competition, Manipal, 10th March 2002.

Technical Online Publications 

  1. Inception of Relation-based User Authentication system coupled with User Behavior Analysis, ITG online publication INTERNETWORKING submission. The ITG is a Technical Group of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society.

Publication of Technical Articles

  • Chemical Databases (2002), Department of Chemical Engineering -Annual Magazine

  • Data Mining and its Frontiers(2001), MIT Annual College Magazine

  • SAN Times (2000), Department of Chemical Engineering -Annual Magazine

  • Manufacturing on the Web (2000), Department of Chemical Engineering- Annual Magazine

  • E-Commerce Entrepreneurs (2000), MIT Annual College Magazine

  • Handle the Zipperhead (2000), MIT Annual College Magazine 

  • Computer Lore (2000), MIT Annual College Magazine

  • ATM Magic (2000), MIT Annual College Magazine

  • Understanding Web Addresses (1999), The Firewall (Notice board Newsletter)


White Papers (registered with

1.  Digital Gestures

2. Introduction to the World of Information Foraging

3. Dynamism of Text Mining

4. Persuasive Computing

5. Relevance of Web Mining in identifying User Behavior

6. Web Mining Basic



Technical Details

 Information Technology Consortium (InTeC)

  • Was elected as the Consortium President of InTeC ,a subsidiary of Indian Society of  Technical Education Student Chapter, MIT Manipal Chapter for the year 2001-2002. Actively involved in conducting Technical programs in IT and Computer Science areas.

  • Program Chair, Annual Symposium on Information Technology 2001 (ASIT 2001), 5th Nov 2001, MIT, Manipal.

Indian Society of Technical Education (Student’s Chapter), Manipal Chapter 

  • Nominated as Executive Member for two consecutive years from 1999-2001. Actively involved in most of the technical activities of ISTE (SC) Manipal Chapter 

Computer Skills

Platforms: Unix, Windows 95/98/NT/2000

Skills: Languages: C, C++, Java, VC++, HTML, SQL, UNIX Shell Programming, Active Server Pages,  PHP: Hypertext Processor, Java Script

Packages: Sybase SQL Server, Oracle PL/SQL, Adobe Premier, Microsoft Office (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint), Front Page

Computer Courses

  • Object Oriented Programming in Relational Database Management, NIIT, 1998

Course Length: 6 months

Course outline: UNIX, Programming Logic techniques, RDBMS concepts, Sybase SQL Server, C++ Programming, Software Engineering, SEI CMM and ISO Concepts

Project Work: Development of Airlines Reservation Package using Client/Server Application Development and Object Oriented Programming Using Sybase SQL Server, Db-Library and C++.

  • Programming in C, St. Aloysius College, 1998. 

Course Length: 1 month

Course outline: C programming basics

Honor Society/membership

  • Nominated for Associate Membership to the Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society.

  • Member of Internet Technical Group (ITG).


  • Awarded 'The Best Student of the Year 2001' amongst ISTE members by ISTE students' chapter MIT, Manipal.

  • Recipient of the Intel Travel Scholarship and am invited attend the 8th International Conference on High Performance Computing Conference, Hyderabad  Dec 2001.

  • High Performance Computing Student Scholarship Recipient and was invited to attend the 7th International Conference on High Performance Computing and 1st Grid Computing Conference, Bangalore Dec 2000.

  • Chief Guest and Guest Speaker for the inauguration of the Database Users Club formed in MIT on 9th November 2001. A session on 'Introduction to Databases'  was  delivered during the inauguration ceremony.

  • Was selected as a Student Delegate for 3-day workshop on 'Emerging Trends in IT’ conducted by Infosys Ltd. at the Infosys City, Bangalore, India,  from 13-15th November 2000.  The selection criteria was good academic credentials, interest in IT and involvement in technical activities.

Teaching and Counseling Experience

Presently holding a position of a Teaching Coordinator for the Long Term workshop comprising of 5 group presentation and 10 study sessions on Higher Education in USA. This workshop is organized by Indian Society for Technical Education (MIT Manipal). It is attended by 35 students and extends over a period of 10 weeks.


  • Guest Speaker for the workshop on 'Data Mining' organized by the Database Users Club, Manipal Institute of Technology, 24th November 2001.

  • Guest Lecturer during Brainwave 2001, State Level Paper Presentation festival, on  Customer Behavioral Patterns in E-Commerce. Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, Jan 2001.  

  • Presentation on ANÄNTH was given to the Faculty members of Manipal Center for Information  Science, Manipal, 30th August 2001.

  • Joint speaker for the Talk on E-Commerce organized by Department of Continuing Education on the 3rd December 2000 at Manipal Institute of Technology.

  • Speaker and Presenter for the workshop conducted by ISTE (SC) Manipal, on 'Artificial Intelligence', Manipal Institute Of Technology, Manipal India, Sept 2000.

  • Seminar on Web Mining was delivered on 13th November 2001 to satisfy the course requirement  707- Seminar.

  • Seminar on HTML to satisfy the course requirement of NIIT, Object Oriented Programming in Relational Database Management course , 1998. 

Other Activities 

  • Event Advisor, Interaction 2001



Interaction is an education and entertainment program meant for the first year engineering student. Similar to the Orientation program but deals with some important issues encircling students life it helps students to bring out their creativity, innovativeness and talent . This program was first of its kind at MIT, Manipal and is regarded as an essential event of college activities.

  • Event Manager, Interaction 2000

  • Event Manager (Informal Events) Brainwave 2000

  • Member of the College Editorial Board 1999-20001st Prize Winner of MileStone Inter Collegiate Debating Competition 

  • Producer, Director and Conceiver of CHILLMAADI a 17-minute Fun Film on MIT and its Lifestyle which formed a part of ‘Mnemosyne’ MIT-CDROM

  • Quizmaster for the CACHE IT Inter-Collegiate MCA Techno-Melange IT Festival, MIT Manipal, 2001

Last updated: 27th June 2002